Q: How do I register as a new member on bape.com?

Please proceed to membership registration after agreeing to the terms from the following page.



Q: I used to log in with my membership number, but now I can only log in with my email address?

Due to the system change, the email address has become the login ID. Please log in with your registered email address and password.


Q: Will a membership card be issued?

Due to the change in the BAPE CARD service, the issuance of membership cards has ended.


Q: Is the item in the cart confirmed to be purchased?

Inventory will not be kept when you add it to the cart. Inventory will be secured when the purchase is completed.


Q: I haven't received the order completion / shipping notification email.

Especially when using mobile carrier mail, there is a possibility that the mail server may reject the mail or sort it to the junk mail folder. If you have set the reception permission from webstore@bape.com and you still do not receive the required email, please contact bapecard@bape.com with your membership number, name, date of birth, and email address.


Q: I would like to receive the latest news from the e-mail newsletter.

Please check "Receive notifications by email" when registering as a member. If you want to change the settings after registration, please check "Receive notifications by e-mail" in the "Edit" button on My Page and update your membership information. If you still do not receive the required email, please contact bapecard@bape.com with your name, date of birth and email address.


Q: Can my account be transferred due to the site renewal?

Account information and BAPE® CARD membership will be transferred. You can continue to use the BAPE® CARD service in the future. Past purchase history will not be carried over. Please see below for details.



Q: I'm having trouble migrating to the new bape.com.

Please refer to the following.



Q: What is BAPE® POINT?

This is a point program that is awarded according to the purchase price. You can exchange the accumulated points for a coupon of 1,000 yen OFF. Please check the following for details.



Q: My BAPE® POINT is not reflected when I purchase it.

There may be a time lag between the purchase and the reflection of points. In the case of cash on delivery orders, points will be awarded a few days after the item arrives (payment is completed).


Q: Can BAPE® POINT be used at stores?

Not available at stores. Only available on bape.com.


Q: I would like to use a coupon.

At bape.com, the coupon will be applied when you enter the coupon code at the time of payment. Please check the following for details on how to use it.



Q: Can I use JCB at bape.com?

It cannot be used with credit card payment, but it can be used in conjunction with PayPal.


Q: Can I pay by bank debit at bape.com?

Direct bank debits are not available, but can be used in conjunction with PayPal.


Q: Where can I buy A BATHING APE® products?

You can purchase it at A BATHING APE® authorized retailers nationwide. For details, please check the STORE LIST in BAPE.COM.


Q: When will the products purchased from WEB STORE be delivered?

We usually ship within 3 business days from the day after your order . After shipping the product, we will send you a shipping completion email with the invoice number of Sagawa Express. You can check the delivery status from the invoice number. We will inform you in the news when shipping is suspended such as Obon and New Year holidays.


Q: Can BAPE.COM WEB STORE ship overseas?

BAPE.COM does not ship overseas. For overseas shipping, please use the following site.



Q: Is it possible to return or exchange the product after purchasing it?

We do not accept returns or exchanges. However, we will accept exchanges for products that are defective due to our inadequacies. If we cannot prepare the replacement stock, we will respond by returning it. In that case, you will need the receipt at the time of purchase. Please contact the store where you purchased it.


Q: Can I enclose a wrapping / paper bag?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not accept WEB STORE wrapping services for purchased products or shipping with a paper bag enclosed.


Q: I would like to see if it is genuine or fake.

We do not perform any authenticity verification. We do not know anything about products purchased at non-authorized retailers, so we recommend purchasing at authorized retailers.


Q: I would like to know the shipping and delivery dates for BAPE®️ HOME.

The delivery date and shipping fee for BAPE HOME will vary depending on the product.
Please see each product page for details.


Q: I would like to know the release date of a new product.

Please contact the store directly for the release date of the new product.


Q: How can I buy a product that is sold out on WEB STORE?

Stores nationwide may be in stock. Please contact the store for availability.


Q: Can I buy new products if they are lined up in stores?

If congestion is expected, admission tickets will be distributed by lottery. The lottery time varies depending on the store, so please contact the store in advance.


Q: Is it possible to reserve or reserve products at the store?

We do not accept reservations, but it is possible to reserve after the product is released. Please contact the store for details.


Q: Is mail order possible at the store?

Mail order is possible by telephone at authorized retailers nationwide. Please contact us by phone for ordering method and stock status.


Q: I would like to know about staff recruitment information.

Please see RECRUIT below to check the adoption status.