About Us

Once upon a time, in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. An industry hiphop party promoter met a diverse group of fashion driven media creators.

The party promoter had built a following  in the hiphop community and had worked behind the scenes with numerous multi-platinum selling artists in the music industry.

The group of Fairfax District creatives,  lived in the Beverly Hills area and had made a large fortune off of investing in cryto currencies & NFTs.

Destiny would have it that these  individuals would meet each other while hanging out on the infamous Melrose Avenue strip at a rap album release party.

Soon they all became friends. After many nights in the hood (drinking expensive liquor) and many days in Hollywood Hills (partying in 4 story mansions), they would eventually be lead to invest their royalties and dividend earnings into the creation of a urban streetwear brand called "Focus Rich".

With a solid foundation linked to the portfolios of Wallstreet, Binance, and Metamask. The evolution of NFTs & Crypto Currencies propelled FR to quickly being accepted by the hiphop community. 

In no time, Focus Rich soon gained a cult following online and in the streetwear culture of the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Thanks to the company's close relationships in the music industry, celebrities started gravitating towards Focus Rich as it establish itself as a highend streetwear brand. FR is best  known for its quality reputation on the streets, rebel attitude, rich style, and grace.

As the world's first NFT streetwear brand, the brand is focused on staying true to its loyal underground core, while also expanding into the mainstream.

Focus Rich has done promotions with actors, athletes, musicians, singers, photographers, and other established global brands.

Focus Rich Clothing has been worned by platinum artists, championship winning athletes, and famous social media influencers. The brand has also been featured in music videos and at industry award shows.

The message is simple:

STAY FOCUSED -  Keep your eyes on the prize, don't get distracted. Don't let the naysayers and the haters stop you from accomplishing your goals.

And GET RICH - Not just financially, but mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually rich too.