Shopping Guide


◆ Before your purchase

If you would like to register as a member (free of charge), complete the procedures found here: Member Registration Page.
Your password is very important. Please choose a password that others cannot easily guess.

◆ Choosing a product

On the product details page, choose your color, size, and quantity any click the Add to cart button.
Note that products added to the shopping cart will be deleted automatically after a certain amount of time.

◆ Logging in

Members are asked to log in before making purchases. Log in using the registered email address and password.
If you already are logged in, you may skip this page and advance to the next page.
If you are not yet registered, sign up on the Member Registration Page.

◆ Product prices and payment

Please pay the price (including tax) shown on each item and the total shipping cost.
The payment method can use a credit card.
All prices displayed on this site are consumption tax included.

◆ Shipping

Japan to Shipping charges are the same nationwide.

Shipping outside Japan is as follows.
Overseas shipping fee is 2,500 JPY (TAX INC).
*Custom duties may be charged depending on the destinaton country.

◆ Credit cards

Five types of credit cards are accepted, including JCB, Visa, AMEX, Diners, and MasterCard.
Purchases made using JCB, Visa, and MasterCard may be paid through the following plans: lump sum, three installments, five installments, six installments, 10 installments, 12 installments, 15 installments, 18 installments, 20 installments, 24 installments, and revolving payments.
Only the lump-sum payment is available for payments made using American Express.
The purchase price will be debited on the payment date of your credit card issuer.
Your credit card will be charged at the time of shipping your order.
No additional fees shall apply to credit card payments.

◆ PayPal

You can use PayPal for payment, using the payment method linked to your PayPal account.
Please note that PayPal may not be available for some limited edition or made-to-order items.

◆ Google Pay

You can use Google Pay as a payment option. To use Google Pay, please register and set up your Google account in advance.

◆ Apple Pay

You can use Apple Pay as a payment option. To use Apple Pay, please register and set up your AppleID account in advance.

◆ If you are away when the product is delivered

If you are away when the product is delivered, the delivery company will leave a notice. You can have the product delivered by arranging a delivery time during the delivery period. If you do not contact the contact point indicated on the notice, or if your address information is unclear, the product will be returned automatically. Returned products will be handled and determined by UNDER COVER.

◆ If your order is not delivered

Please contact us if your order is not delivered during the period indicated above.

Contact information
Please provide your order number when contacting us.

◆ Exchanges and returns

No returns will be accepted for customer reasons, such as incorrect size or mistaken impression of the product. Exchanges or refunds will be accepted if the product delivered is not what you ordered or is defective for reasons attributable to us. Please notify us of the order number and details of the return or exchange at the contact information below within seven days after delivery of the product. We will bear shipping costs in such a case.

◆ Cooling-off period

Note that the cooling-off period system applies to door-to-door sales. It does not apply to the online sales, which qualifies as mail-order sales in Japan.

◆ Purchase history

See the Purchase History page for details of your past purchases.

◆ If you lose your password

If you have lost your password, see the Lost Password page to have email notice of your password sent to your registered email address.

◆ Changing member information

Membership information may be changed on the following page: Change Member Information.

◆ Withdrawal procedures

Members who desire to do so may withdraw at the following page: Membership Withdrawal.

◆ Recommended environment

We recommend use of the browsers Internet Explorer latest or above or Safari latest or above when using the Site. Viewing the site using other browsers may result in problems such as incorrect display of pages.
Use of cookies is required for (free) member registration and signing in.

◆ Security

The Site uses secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption to ensure the security of data transmitted. Information transmitted by customers, such as credit card information entered on the (free) member registration page, is kept secure through encryption.